Venice has 'captured' the heart, mind and imagination of so many writers, poets, artists and historians. Venice is one of my favourite subjects in art, literature and history, and I am always eager to learn more and look more at this unique and special place. This Venice blog is my way of collecting the wealth of images, poems, prose and impressions of Venice.

Monday 23 December 2013

My favourite (overgrown) lion in Venice

In August 2012, I posted a photo of my favourite lion in Venice (you can read about him here: http://capturingvenice.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/my-favourite-lion.html).

The little guy lives at the Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti at the base of the Accademia bridge (on the Campo Santo Stefano side of the bridge).  When I went back to see him this year (in October 2013), he was overgrown and barely visible.

He is so tantalisingly close:  it always feels like if I was a just a little bit taller or had longer arms, I could lean over the broad railing of the bridge to reach out and touch him.

Here's a shot of a companion lion who lives around the corner on the Campo San Vidal side of the palazzo.


  1. I've taken a picture of your favourite (very overgrown) lion last week. I knew I had to watch among the trees when crossing the bridge, but I had forgotten on which blog I had seen that lion. This is the Venice I love, the one that reveals herself only for the slow travellers who take the time to discover her in all her sublime and simple beauty.

    1. Line, how wonderful! Thank you for sharing your encounter with him. Venice is such a special place, and I feel so privileged to have this engagement with other people who also love the city. Thank you for loving that lion too :)