Venice has 'captured' the heart, mind and imagination of so many writers, poets, artists and historians. Venice is one of my favourite subjects in art, literature and history, and I am always eager to learn more and look more at this unique and special place. This Venice blog is my way of collecting the wealth of images, poems, prose and impressions of Venice.

Monday 28 July 2014

That sweet bend of the Grand Canal

There are so many places in Venice that squeeze my heart.  

It took me some years to find such a spot on the Grand Canal - which always seemed so public, so much 'on-view', too well-known and well-traversed to be personal for me.  

But some years ago I was walking around the Rialto, in that sheltered part where the Naranzaria and Il Bancogiro operate, and I stopped suddenly and looked around - and it was like seeing that familiar curve of the Rialto bridge for the very first time...that short distance across to the other side of the Rialto bridge, the many lives hurrying by...  

And just like that - this sweet 'S' bend of the Grand Canal has become personal and beloved for me.  

This is what it looked like heading down the Grand Canal on a vaporetto:

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