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Monday 20 October 2014

Looking up at San Vidal

I wonder how many times I've walked past this sculpture of San Vidal (San Vitale), on my way to and from the Accademia bridge?

San Vidal Venice capturingvenice.blogspot.com
Looking up at San Vidal and the campanile 
The church was founded in 1084, re-built in the twelfth century and again from 1696-1700.  The facade was finally completed from 1734-7.  The church has been used for concerts and exhibitions for as long as I can remember, and also contains a work by Carpaccio.

San Vidal, Venice capturingvenice.blogspot.com
Looking at the side of San Vidal and the nizioletto

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  1. Isn't that the truth, we just have scurried past his saintliness! Those are nice photos, thank you!